Instagram training

Instagram training is one of the most important training that you should remember in the field of digital marketing. Social network with more than several hundred million users in the world is one of the most popular and most popular social networks in the world. Instagram has more than 40 million users in Iran, and this means a very wonderful market on which you can open a special account to earn money from Instagram. This social network, due to its extraordinary capabilities and potential, can well meet all the needs of users in the current world.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Iran, with more than 40 million active Iranian users. Certainly you can not find all these target users in one place. Even the largest passages in the capital can not gather the number of target customers in one place. Instagram has become a marketplace due to its many users, where you can start earning money from Instagram in any way. The good thing about Instagram is that you can quickly find your target users and work on them to turn them into customers of your products. Club House is not a new network that has recently found many fans in Iran, and we suggest that you watch the Club House training article and become a member of this network if you wish.

Where to start on Instagram?

There are many users who want to make money from Instagram but do not know where to start! That’s why we suggest you to have a clear goal for yourself first and start watching Instagram training so that you can master this social network as soon as possible to start your Instagram business as soon as possible. If you want to learn Instagram by yourself, you definitely have to spend a lot of time on this subject, so the best suggestion is to participate in the top Instagram training course and start learning Instagram with zero to one hundred and complete . If you already have an account and you want to delete it, you can see the instruction to delete your Instagram account.

What is the average income from Instagram?

Your Instagram income depends on the type of activity you and your product. Some pages only accept Instagram ads and earn several million tomans from us. Or they sell some educational products and earn several hundred million tomans during a sales campaign. It must be boldly said that Instagram is one of the best ways to earn money that perhaps few people appreciate this huge social network. It should be said that the income of several hundred million from Instagram is by no means far from the mind and out of reach, you just need to learn Instagram well and be able to use this network in the best possible way.

Why Instagram training course?

In this comprehensive Instagram training course, you will get acquainted with this social network from zero to one hundred, and you can learn how to earn money from Instagram in the best possible way. In this course, we have taught you from scratch, that is, from the ground up, how to create an Instagram account and start setting up your account according to an online store where you can learn how to create an Instagram account. Ultimately gain trust. We will teach you how to post the best posts during the week and you will learn how to advertise on Instagram, which is one of the most important parts. You will learn how to go in Instagram Explorer or you will attract a lot of followers and have a lot of sales.

Training methods to increase real Instagram followers

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos, and due to its popularity in the world and in our country, it has many users. And this multiplicity of users and audiences has created a good platform for advertising and business creation.

As a result, if you want to create a popular page on Instagram, one of the most important steps to success and visibility of your business is to attract real followers who are interested in the content of your page.

In this part of Instagram training, today the number of followers of business pages has become a “measure of credibility”. There are many ways to increase Instagram followers, including Instagram bots or buying followers in various ways.

But even though these methods increase the number of followers at the top of your page, they reduce the credibility of your page because most of these followers are fake or inactive accounts or they are not interested in your business.

You must know that the ratio of the number of followers and the number of your likes can reveal the secret of these fake numbers to these audiences and reduce your credibility; So it is very important to know how we can attract real followers who are interested in Peyman content.

In this article, we try to introduce you to 10 simple ways to attract real followers.

Of course, you know that credibility and popularity do not come overnight, so you have to put a lot of effort and patience a lot during the process of gathering real followers.

Get your showcase right!

In this part of the Instagram tutorial, in this part of the Instagram tutorial, we want to teach you ways to increase your Instagram followers. Instagram is an image-based application.

Suppose you want to advertise your page ID somewhere. After explaining about the content of your page, fans will enter your page and the first thing they will see is your profile picture, bio and then an overview of your recent posts.

Therefore, it is very important to present a neat and attractive page to the audience in the first visit, and in addition, to write a brief and complete description of the page content for the viewer in the page bio.

On the first page of the page, in addition to what was mentioned above, the highlights of your stories are also in your showcase, so choosing the right name and cover for your highlights is also part of beautifying the showcase.

If you are posting a video, pay attention to what cover you specify for it. Creating compelling content with videos and images depends on your creativity.

For example, if most of your content is text-centric and can be summarized in the caption of the post, make a relevant photo for your text title, relevant to the subject of the text and attractive.

You can create a photo for your post using the photo maker apps so that the audience can see and use it if they are interested in your content.

To make your showcase more beautiful, you can also use color themes and have a specific order for your posts. You need to know what the size of Instagram posts and stories is so that you can produce attractive covers in this field that will attract your audience.

Solution 2: Do not forget the hashtag!

Each content can be placed in different categories and you can use hashtags to introduce your post to the audience who are interested in these hashtags.

If you want to know what hashtags are related to your content, you can search for the same topic in the hashtags section, find related and more used hashtags and use them in your posts.

Note that using irrelevant hashtags is against Instagram algorithms and reduces the likelihood that your post will be displayed in Instagram Explorer.

Solution 3: Find your colleagues!

Try to find and follow pages whose content is close to your own. Even connect with them.

For example, suppose someone follows an online clothing store selling clothes but does not find the clothes they are looking for. Now, if you, as an online clothing store, are associated with this page, it is likely that your Instagram page will offer this follower. (suggest) goes higher. Another benefit of this connection is that you can exchange with those pages, which is to your advantage as well as your colleague’s page, and you can even follow these pages to get some good ideas and more appropriate hashtags. find.

Solution 3: Paper ads!

Fortunately, in this part of the Instagram tutorial, offline advertising is not out of fashion yet, and you can also introduce yourself to Instagram users by designing tracts or business cards that have your Instagram ID on them.

Solution 4: See what your audience wants ?!

If you examine the behavior of your audience according to the likes and comments of your post, you will find out which post was more attractive to them and why.

For example, suppose you want to upload a 10-minute video, look at your previous video posts and see if AJTV had more viewers or slide posts ?!

If you do not have a post to refer to and review, you can again reach a good conclusion by reviewing similar posts in the pages of your own topic. See the virtual number making tutorial article in this post.

Solution 5: Write an invitation to the audience!

In this part of the Instagram training course, one of the other ways to increase Instagram followers is definitely advertising on Instagram itself. You can apply to other pages for advertising, but you may need funding for these ads. We have taught you these things in the professional Instagram training video section.

If you have this capital, it is better to place your ads on pages that have the following specifications:

1- So far they have done less advertising. Because less advertising increases trust in that page!
Not too far from your page content. For example, if the content of your page is related to interior design, do not leave your ads to a test training page for the entrance exam !!
2- Choose a page whose audience needs you. For example, a page that contains fast food must have an audience that suffers from the problem of being overweight because of their love of eating fast food, so if your page is related to diets, there must be an audience on these pages that will welcome your page.
3- But if you do not have the capital to advertise, in addition to the exchange method, you can do your ads by leaving comments under the pages that you think the audience is reading other people’s comments and your page may be attractive to them.

This method may not attract a large audience, but it is not ineffective in attracting real followers. In this section, you can learn how to download Instagram posts and stories.

Solution 6: Keep an eye on the calendar!

Occasional posts and stories can make your audience feel good, and on any occasion, such posts are much more likely to be trending.

With a little creativity, you can mix different occasions with your own content.

Or you can introduce a friend, like or follow a design contest and the conditions for participating in the contest on the occasion of that day.

Or you can ask participants to send you content such as a photo, text or video, که of which you have chosen a theme. And you publish them and let the participants vote by other audiences.

So if you consider valuable prizes for this contest, by creating a sense of competition among the participants, you will help them to collect real votes and help you attract real followers.

Solution 7: Do not be scattered!

Be sure to have a plan for your page and do not distance yourself from the subject of your page.

For example, leaving 6 posts a week and not having any activity for 10 days at a time shows that you are unplanned.

And that leaving a lot of posts or stories behind you makes your audience tired and in some cases causes the audience to stop following your posts.

Solution 8: Buy credit with your audience!

In this part of the complete Instagram story tutorial, it is the best way to connect with you and your audience.

For example, if you want to leave a post overnight, leave a few short stories related to that post or invite your audience to comment. Announce that you have posted new content. Challenge the viewers. Ask them what content is most interesting to them. Buy credit for your followers by thanking them for their page, and with this simple action, make your audience introduce you to their friends as a good page.

Solution 9: Do not be the same color as the crowd!

What is different is always more successful in attracting attention, so try to be creative in producing content because the duplicate product will not attract many followers.

By using different colors, creative stories, up-to-date content and. You can differentiate yourself from other pages and finally be unique and attractive by using these differences.

Solution 10: Logo!

The last solution we suggest to you is to put your logo and ID on your posts.

because of two reasons:
Your work and idea are less likely to be stolen.

If your post is seen on other pages or Explorer, the audience can find the publisher source using the logo and ID on the post.

Familiarity with how to increase the view post on Instagram

How to increase the view post on Instagram is a topic that should always be considered by those who work in this popular social network. There are many ways to increase your Instagram post view. The important thing on Instagram and other social networks is that when you post, more people will always see your post. The most important and main way to increase the view post on Instagram is to have more interaction with your audience. There are many ways you can do this. For example, if a contact comments on your post and expresses their opinion, do not ignore it. Even encourage your audience to comment below your posts. You can launch a campaign to do this or ask your audience questions. When you use the method of increasing the view post on Instagram, it will make your posts more visible and your audience will also increase. This will eventually cause money to flow into your account. You can eventually use your page to monetize and promote the products and services of others.

7 ways to increase the view post on Instagram with Instagram training

In the continuation of Instagram training, we want to acquaint you with 7 ways to increase the view of posts on Instagram.

Use audience content
The first way to increase your Instagram post view that can increase the number of your post views is to use the content that your audience generates on your Instagram page. In the Instagram training course, this will be interesting for other audiences. These contents can be text, audio, video and.. This will allow the audience whose content you have posted on your page to send that post to other friends and followers. Eventually this will encourage more people to visit your page and ultimately increase the views of your posts and followers.

Use Instagram story
Another way to increase your Instagram post view is to make the most of the story. Because the story allows you to use features like links and hashtags in it, it will attract a lot of people to your page and refer to the content of your story and the post you left. This will ensure that your audience always follows the stories you post. As the amount of interaction between the user and your story increases, it will increase the number of visitors to your page and posts, and ultimately increase the number of your followers.

Use live or live broadcast
You might think that live streaming can not be considered as a way to increase the view of posts on Instagram. In the Instagram education section, we have to say from zero to one hundred that this is not the case at all. When you use live streaming on your Instagram page, it will send a direct message to your audience when they go live. This will also put your name and profile at the top of your contact page list. If the content you play online is attractive enough, it can persuade the audience to visit your other posts and interact more with you.

Pay more attention to the quality of the posts than their quantity
You might think that adding posts one after the other could be a way to increase the view of posts on Instagram. We must say that this is not the case. If the posts you post are not of good quality, not only will you not attract visitors, but you may also lose your current audience and followers. Try to send content that is relevant to the audience. If you spend enough time producing quality text, video or video content, you will soon realize its value.

Pay attention to the time of publication of the post
Posting time is very important. This issue can also be effective in increasing the views of your Instagram page posts. In our specialized Instagram training, if your page and page are related to your business, this issue becomes more important. One of the most important characteristics is to have order and law in sending your posts privately. Order in any business can lead to greater confidence. Always try to submit your posts at a predetermined time. Because the user gets used to visiting your page at a certain time and visiting your new posts. This can have a huge impact on increasing the number of visits to your posts. You can also enter the exact time of sending along with sending your posts. Believe that this can be considered as a way to increase the view post on Instagram. Give it a try and you will be amazed.

Use scientific posts
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. We must say that this is not the case at all. You can publish scientific posts from time to time. This will increase the view post on Instagram. If you publish professional and scientific posts on your page, it will attract the audience who are looking for scientific and professional content to improve their lives to your page. Scientific is a method of increasing the view post on Instagram that can have a great impact on increasing the traffic to your page.

Use related hashtags
Depending on the content of your post, always try to use relevant hashtags. If you use an unrelated hashtag, the audience may enter your page according to the content they are looking for, but surely when they see that the desired content is not on your page, they leave it very quickly and it is very likely that they will follow you. It will be low. Also use moderation when using hashtags. We recommend this method of increasing Instagram post views to all those who have a page on this popular and unique social network.

How to make money from Instagram: So far, we have become familiar with the methods of increasing Instagram followers and views, and we have learned how and where to start our work on Instagram; But if you, after reading the above, have thought about creating a page, most likely the first thing that comes to your mind will be an idea for your page theme that will make you money. But wait! The Instagram tutorial is not over yet !! In this section, we want to help you choose the right idea for your page 🙂 In the section on monetization methods from Instagram, we and you will agree and give you suggestions that you can use while you are at home. Sit down to make money. Of course, we have already collected suggestions for you in the articles on making money from the Internet and working at home, but now our focus will be only on ways to earn money from Instagram. Stay with us;)

Monetization methods from Instagram:

There are many types of monetization from Instagram, and in this Instagram tutorial we will tell you the methods, but in general, there are two ways to monetize Instagram, the first method is advertising and the second method is selling goods and services. The first method is divided into several other types, which are:

1- Sell ​​direct ads
2- Make money from Instagram with likes and view stories
3- Share from other sites
4- Branding and advertising of reputable companies
5- Instagram training

Now that we know the general ways of monetizing Instagram, it is time to get acquainted with each of these methods separately. First, we will review the first method, ie selling goods and services on Instagram, and then we will introduce some examples and ideas in this field, and then we will examine the sub-methods of the second method that we mentioned in more detail.

Ways to make money from Instagram by selling goods and services


You can create a virtual shop for yourself by creating an Instagram page that was mentioned in the Instagram training course; The difference is that no matter what the size of your shop is, you can have as many customers in this shop as you want, stay in touch with all of them and ask their opinion about each of the items you have, and more interesting point That you have not paid any fees for renting or buying that shop.

Your store does not need to have items that can be touched, you can sell your services and attract customers through Instagram. If you chose the first method to monetize Instagram and you have no idea, pay attention to the following examples:

  1. Sales of services: For example, you can hold a class in person, but to attract students to advertise on Instagram, you can even share information and information related to the class on Instagram with all your students.

Another example of selling educational services is that you make educational videos related to the subject in which you specialize and then provide them online to your page audience. In this way, you can sell the download link of your educational videos or drop them on non-virtual memory and sell them. Non-virtual memory also means flash memory, memory cards, CDs and DVDs; Selling download links is now more popular and easier. However, in this method, focus on preventing your training files from being misused and choose paths and platforms that can prevent this unfortunate event as much as possible. In fact, beware of copyright, do not copy and do not let them copy from you!

Another way to monetize Instagram by selling educational services or goods is to hold online classes on the Instagram platform, just like Instagram training. In recent years, Instagram has added an option to its software that you can use to communicate live with your audience, which is called live; Create a private page and a public page on Instagram to make money by posting a live or online class. On the public page, provide the audience with the information they need about the class and invite them to become members of your PageProte for a fee, then hold your online class on PageProte for the audience you have attracted. The good thing about holding an online class on Live Instagram is that Live Instagram does not have a limit on the number of participants, but the time limit will cause problems during long classes. You can also save these live on your page, and if someone could not register during the registration period, they can enter the page later and use the saved live at a lower cost. Consider the cost lower because when it is live saved, it will no longer be possible to answer the question live, and if anyone has a question, they should ask it later in the comments.

If I want to give an example for selling services other than educational services on Instagram, I can refer to computer services; Computer services are services that include designing web pages or applications, designing brochures or logos, programming, typing and doing student projects, translating and… and more examples are mentioned in Instagram training, for example. If you know Photoshop, you can provide banner or logo brochure design services; Attract an audience and advertise for yourself by posting your own portfolio on Instagram. This is how you create a resume for yourself. In general, if you are a freelancer, we suggest that you create an Instagram page to promote your job.

If you have a shop or a place where you offer other services (for example: hairdressing, filming, etc.) that we did not mention here, you can attract the audience by posting your portfolio on Instagram and get credit for your services. Earn. Fortunately, with the development of Instagram and its becoming more popular among the people of Iran, one of the criteria for accreditation for customers is the Instagram page, and although it has become a little difficult to gain credit on Instagram in recent years, if you succeed in gaining credit on Instagram and Trust the people, you will see the rapid growth of the customer, followed by the growth of revenue, which is a very good thing.

So far, let’s look at some examples of how to make money selling services on Instagram. Now, we want to introduce some examples of making money by selling goods on Instagram.

  1. Selling goods: If you are a shop owner, we suggest that you think about creating an Instagram page and do not hesitate to sell your products online, also with the conditions that Corona has created for in-person purchases, if you are thinking of having Do not bring a platform for online sales, you may suffer huge losses. In the Instagram training course, there is a lot of maneuvering on how to sell professional goods.

However, if you do not have a specific product to sell, we have a few suggestions for you. Our first offer is to sell goods that you have made with your own hands. It is clear that the capital needed to sell handmade goods will vary depending on what you want to make, but with a smart choice you can use this method as the least expensive method; For example, goods such as dried fruit, jewelry (imitation), candles and soap, food (pickles, dishes, paste, etc.) are some of the goods that require little capital;

If you are an artist, you can make money by selling your art products; But since the tools needed for works of art are generally expensive, we do not recommend such a risk to get started; So it is better to start with small and simple products to start with and then sell the products that need more expensive raw materials after you have achieved the desired income.

Pets and houseplants are also popular products on Instagram; If you do not have a good place to raise or keep pets, you can sell pet accessories or food. You can even make and sell some of the toys that animals love. However, there are more suggestions on how to make money at home.

Ways to make money from Instagram by doing ads:


As we said, the second type of ways to monetize Instagram is to make money by doing ads. And we also mentioned that this type of earnings is divided into several different types. We will now look at the types one by one and give examples for each of them.

  1. Sell Direct Ads: In this way, the page you create on Instagram acts like a very large billboard on one of the busiest highways in the city. In fact, you have a billboard on which you can stick unlimited ads on it and keep those ads on it as long as you want. Your Instagram page will be a place to introduce and advertise other businesses or even other Instagram pages; You can also specify the tariff for these advertisements based on the amount of posts on the page or story numbers or the type of advertisement that is a movie or, for example, a photo. You should definitely know the complete Instagram tutorial for advertising on Instagram and then start advertising on Instagram.

Choose a theme for your billboard to start with; For example, your subject is makeup. You can advertise any page, website or brand related to makeup and make-up on this page. For example, advertising online cosmetics or beauty blogs on various blogs or pages that provide information about health and beauty, and شما Since the content of your page will be advertising only, it is a bit difficult to attract the audience in this case, but if you adjust the appearance of the page. Instead of advertising, you will be more successful in attracting the audience.

  1. Make money from Instagram with likes and view stories

The difference between this method and the previous method is that you can produce any content you want on your page; This content can be anything, but the characteristic that this content must have is to be successful in attracting the audience. To have a successful content production, I suggest you read the content production training article. Your path in this method is: you choose a topic (blogger, blogger, comedy, etc.), then you create a page on Instagram, in the next step, you write the bio and the name of the page according to the standards of attracting followers, then you start producing content. And you attract real followers, you gain the trust of your audience, and if you have gone the right way so far, at this stage you will be offered to advertise, at this stage you will check the content of the page, the products they offer and اگر Your reds or followers do not mind you promote it. Please be very careful in choosing which page you are advertising, a mistake and carelessness will cause a large loss of audience and the trust of the remaining audience !!

In the first and second methods, the advertising tariff is usually determined based on the number of visits.

  1. Sharing from other sites

This method, which is another type of advertising, differs from the previous two methods in that you advertise a site, in that that site gives you a link that you should encourage the audience to enter the site through that link, Then you will receive a fee for each person who enters the site with that link. Usually big websites like Filimo, DJ Kala, Aparat and تبلیغ advertise like this. Idol and betting sites are in the same category.

  1. Branding and advertising of reputable companies

The last type of the second method can be considered as a subset of all the previous three types, in this method you analyze and review a famous and big brand and that brand pays you for it; To do this, usually unboxing videos, shopping blogs are taken from that brand and.. In general, if you are popular, you will attract the attention of big brands. Sometimes to start without the brands asking you to create content about them and put it on your Instagram, if you do it well this content will be both popular and useful content and in the future your chances in the future To attract the attention of that brand will rise.

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