Clubhouse training, secret clubhouse techniques

Club House training and how to work with it have caused a lot of noise in the internet world these days because Club House is one of the new and emerging programs and applications based on sound. Users who enter the program with a Club House invitation will quickly talk to each other live. If you do not know what this program is, read the article What is a clubhouse.

What is a clubhouse, and what is its use?

As mentioned above, Club House is a new and emerging social network. By training Club House, users will have the option to have a quality live voice conversation with other users. This is one of the significant differences between Club House training and other programs. Many of you do not know how to create an account in this program, so we suggest you see the article on creating a clubhouse account.

Because to date, most social networks are text-based, and over time, with the increase of users, other features such as voice and video calls have been added. Take a social network such as WhatsApp or Telegram, for example. These two popular social networks were based on text from the very beginning, but gradually the possibility of making voice calls as well as video calls was added to it.

Meanwhile, one of the significant differences between Club House training and other applications is that it is the same audio. This shows that users who use the Club House invitation and become members of this program can only communicate with other people through voice conversations, which is a big difference for the Club House.

Even people in Club House training will be present in conversations as a host or just as a listener. This means that the application has so far been able to work in complete contrast to all existing networks and from the very beginning of the emergence of the possibility of group voice chat for users.

An essential point about Clubhouse training is that only the iOS version has been designed and built. It will not be long before the Android version of this program is available for other users.

Club House training and how to work with it

The first step in training a clubhouse is to download and install this program. After you install it, you need to create an account, which in fact, one of the steps to create an account is that this program verifies your phone number.

But the critical point in Club House training is that you may request to send the verification code by SMS several times due to living in Iran. Therefore, it is also possible that you will not receive any text messages. However, you can also get the verification code from other alternative methods, such as automatic voice calls. However, once you receive the verification code, you will be a member of the Clubhouse family, provided that someone who has used the program before confirms it to you.

After entering the Club House app, friends and contacts in your contact list and members of this app will be suggested to add to the list of followers. If you wish, you can send two clubhouse invitations to others.

Over time, as you become more familiar with Club House training, you can easily create rooms and rooms focusing on a specific topic so that other users can join and share their ideas and thoughts in the form of audio or speech. Put.

In the Clubhouse training discussion, if you wish, you can keep the rooms and rooms you have set up open so that any user and audience who wishes can quickly join and start operating. If you want, you can narrow the rooms so that only the people you are looking for can work in them.

There is a hand icon at the bottom of each room or room to complete the Club House tutorial. Users who wish to chat and send voice messages will be allowed to speak by clicking on it and at the administrator’s discretion. This indicates that the manager can easily manage the rooms.

These items included how the clubhouse worked and trained. The critical thing to keep in mind is that if you can listen to conversations in a clubhouse, you will be able to do so live. This is precisely like Instagram Live, where it will never be possible to see live in the future.

Club House training and how to receive an invitation and join it

As we mentioned at the beginning of the Club House training article, this social network accepts members only based on invitation. If you do not want to be on the waiting list for invitations, you will need the direct invitation of other people who are already members of the program. People who enter the Club House program at the beginning will only be allowed to send an invitation. But after using it, they will easily be able to send three invitations.

Club House training and how to join this program

The clubhouse is currently in beta and only available to iPhone users, which adds to its monopoly nature. There are only two ways to enter this program, and naturally, both ways end for people who have used this program before:

The first solution: use a personal invitation

When people become members of the Clubhouse, they can send an invitation to others by their phone number. This means that people have the right to send clubhouse training invitations to people with whom they have a friendly and close relationship. But over time, by working in rooms and rooms and talking in them, they will easily send more invitations to people.

Solution 2: Exclusive side-door

In the second solution, it is possible to visit the Club House website. This website allows people to download the program through the App Store and reserve their username in it.

Once you have downloaded this app and booked your username, depending on how many of your contacts use the clubhouse, they may receive notifications that you have booked your username. This is actually in the interest of these people because if they do not have a formal invitation to send, they will encourage others to join this application.

Teach clubhouse and how to send invitations to others

In discussing club house training and sending invitations, we mentioned that each user could send a limited number of invitations. To send the invitation, you can do the following:

1- There is an envelope icon at the top of the home screen when you enter the Club House tutorial. Click on it.

2- If this application gives you access to view the contact list, you will see a list of contacts invited to this application. Next to the name of each communication, by clicking on the Invite button, you will easily be able to send the invitation to them. The point is that every time you click on the invite button, the invitations that can be sent will be reduced.

3- After clicking the Invite button, you will be automatically redirected to the message. A ready-made message is inserted in the conversation or chat section with the desired person in this section. If you wish, you can edit the default text and then send it

Club House training and how to become a member of Iranian users in this program

The only possible way to become a member of this program is to use the invitation, and the person who is going to send you the invitation as a referral must have your number in his contact list.

Fortunately, Clubhouse Training allows its users to access their contact list and updates it regularly. Naturally, therefore, people who want to send an invitation must have their phone number on their list.

If you are using the first mobile number and want to receive the Club House training invitation, we must state that no authentication SMS will be sent to this number. But do not worry, and with a unique trick, you can receive an authentication SMS.

To receive the code through the first mobile number, request sending the code several times with an interval of 15 seconds between each request. After this, the option to call your number will be activated. You will be told the number verification code by voice (telephone) by clicking on this option. Other operators in the country will easily receive a confirmation SMS number.

How to set up a profile in a clubhouse tutorial

Like all social networks, Clubhouse provides a profile for its users to share complete information about themselves with others. See the article on creating a virtual number in this post.

To set a profile picture in the discussion of clubhouse training, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

1- Choose an image that firstly has a smile on your face and secondly shows your face completely
The images you choose must be suitable in several sizes because it shows your face clearly and distinctly. Another reason for choosing images in a clubhouse tutorial is that sometimes images may be displayed with your name and sometimes alone.

2- Selected images with transparent backgrounds and sometimes with contrasting colors. The background colors in the clubhouse are beige to light white and are excellent and neutral colors. These colors make the profile pictures look prominent.

3- The space provided by the clubhouse training ‌ for writing a biography is good enough. In the first three lines, you can write about 125 letters about yourself and share them with other users.

Follow a few tips to create a profile in the discussion of clubhouse training

1- As we announced earlier in the Club House tutorial, this app is designed to be a live chat app. So when you want to have a voice chat, make sure your profile is complete to determine your true value for talking to others.

2- Only Instagram and Twitter profile links in the Club House profile can be clicked. You can add other links to your resume if you wish

3- If you want users to invite you to their conversations and conversations only on a specific topic, be sure to list it and include it in your Club House training biography so that others know about it.

4- One of the interesting things about Club House training is that by using a specific set of keywords in a completely strategic and artistic way, you can help others find you among a large number of users.

Terms and Conditions of Use of Club House Training

In the discussion of clubhouse training, we come to the rules and regulations of using this program. In fact, the administrators of this application have strict rules for using it. For example, if a user is identified as a saboteur by administrators, they will no doubt not be able to re-register for the rest of their lives using the phone number they used when registering. Worst of all, the user who approved him will be fined.

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